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Picnicking in the Olmsted Parks

Is eating at home every day starting to get boring? Feel like you’re living in your own personal Groundhog day? Running out of recipes? Sounds like you might need a change of scenery.

Now is the perfect time to pack a picnic and dine al fresco in one of Louisville’s 17 Olmsted Parks!

What to Bring

Any Girl or Boy Scout (or parent!) knows – it’s important to be prepared.  Here are some of our tips on what to bring with you to have an enjoyable and safe picnic:  

Where to Go

There are picnic tables and shaded trees in nearly all 17 of our Olmsted Parks, so this could be an infinite list. That’s why we asked some of our staff to give their picnic picks, and here’s what they had to say:

Under the big oak tree by the lodge in Victory with some takeout from Lucy Mae’s, in the shade of the oaks in Shelby with goodies from Logan Street, or in the shade in Central Park near 4th and Magnolia.

Shelby Park is the closest Olmsted Park to my house, and we like to spread a blanket out underneath the huge limbs of more than a dozen 120-year-old Swamp White Oak trees. Soft grass and wonderful shade 🌳👌🏻

I’d say a picnic at Central Park or one of the benches overlooking Summit Field a bit before sunset (this picnic requires some hiking though).

The pavilion in Shawnee Park, away from the grass and shielded from Mother Nature.

Fred Facts
Research shows that residents of neighborhoods with greenery in common spaces enjoy stronger social ties.


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