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Things to do Cherokee Park, Iroquois Park, Seneca Park

Hike the trails in Cherokee, Iroquois and Seneca Parks

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Take the road less traveled and hike on a natural trail in the Olmsted Parks!

Beat the heat by taking a hike under one of the lush tree canopies shading the natural trails in Cherokee, Iroquois, or Seneca parks. Hiking on natural trails not only lowers stress levels, improves your mood and enhances mental well-being – but even helps improve bone density, flexibility, coordination, and lowers blood pressure.

Seneca Park Map:

Iroquois Park Map:

Cherokee Park Map:


Explore the map of dirt trails across the Olmsted Park system in Louisville:

  • Hiking only trails display as dotted lines in Cherokee, Seneca, Iroquois, and Shawnee Parks
  • Hike and Bike trails are dot-dash alternating lines in Cherokee and Seneca Parks
  • Hike and Horse trails are dashed lines in Iroquois Park

Clicking on trail sections will show you the park name, trail name, length, and intended user groups

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