Cherokee Park

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Fred's Facts

Frederick Law Olmsted’s park designs include passages of scenery in which the visitor becomes immersed, experiencing the restorative action of the landscape. To achieve this result, he subordinated all elements of the design to the single purpose of making the landscape experience most profound.

Designed in 1891 by Olmsted to be a place where one could experience scenery and take in the refreshment offered by the landscape.

It is characterized by long winding roads opening to beautiful vistas, and large open spaces set in the valley of Beargrass Creek. The gently rolling slopes extending uphill from the creek were shaped from pasture lands to contain individual shade trees and tree groves. Woodland areas were incorporated into the design and edge plantings were added to soften the transition from open space to woodland.

Cherokee Park’s main feature is the 2.4-mile Scenic Loop, with separate lanes for vehicle traffic (one-way) and recreational users. One of the original parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the park provides a pastoral setting amid rolling hills, open meadows and woodlands of the Beargrass Creek valley.

For vehicles on the Scenic Loop (or recreational users moving in the direction of vehicle traffic), the secret to navigating the park is to keep turning left to stay in the park, or keep turning right to leave the park.

Park Details

Located at: 745 Cochran Hill Rd., 40206 (Willow Avenue and Cherokee Parkway)

Size: 389.13 acres

Cherokee Golf Course (9-hole)
2501 Alexander Road, 40204

Archery Range
Ball Field
Baringer Hill
Basketball (3)
Big Rock
Biking – Road
Christensen Fountain
Dog Run (fenced off-leash area)
Fishing Lake
Hiking Trails–7 miles of natural trails
Hogan Fountain
Horseshoe pit (2)
Mountain Biking Trails–5 miles of trails
Nettleroth Bird Sanctuary
Picnic Shelters (2)
Picnic Tables
Scenic Loop (2.4-mile multi-use path)
Soccer Field (1)
Spray Pool
Tennis (2)
Walking Path (3)

Park Maps

Street Map
Park Map

Self-guided walking tours:
Cherokee Park Wildlfower Woods Walk (1 mile)
Cherokee Park Baringer Spring Walk (2 miles)
Cherokee Park Scenic Loop Walk (3 miles)

Park Tour

We are please to bring you a Parkcast audio tour of Cherokee Park. The MP3 compatible tour is easy to download and will provide exciting information about Frederick Law Olmsted, park history, environmental impacts to the park and more.

There are three ways to download the Parkcast.


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Individual MP3s

  1. Welcome to Cherokee Park
  2. Start at Alexander Road
  3. Cherokee Golf Course
  4. Baringer Hill Pavilion
  5. Baringer Spring
  6. Daniel Boone Statue
  7. Wildflower Woods
  8. Hogans Fountain
  9. Beech Tree Grove
  10. The Dingle
  11. Beargrass Creek
  12. Hert Bridge
  13. Cochran Hill
  14. Frisbee Field
  15. Christensen Fountain
  16. Thank You

Master Plan

Cherokee Park Master Plan