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Willow Park Improvements

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The Cherokee Triangle Neighborhood Association (CTNA) has been graciously volunteering with Olmsted Parks Conservancy over the years to ensure Willow Park is well taken care of. The association is part of our Park Adoptions Partner program. In this program groups approach us who have a particular attachment to or live in close proximity to a particular Olmsted Park. These groups then volunteer to keep their “adopted” park looking spiffy and clean. (Fun fact: ANYONE can be a Park Adoptions Partner!) CTNA adopted Willow Park and not only volunteers to keep the park healthy, but these individuals raise money so Olmsted Parks Conservancy and Metro Parks can implement improvements.

Tim Holz, a seasoned Olmsted Parks volunteer and member of the CTNA first got involved with OPC through his employer, Brown-Forman. Holz explains why the association supports OPC, “Quite simply it is because the parks are a big part of why we are the neighborhood we are.  Willow Park is truly at the heart of our neighborhood and serves as our public gathering space for the art fair and concerts, as well as just a place to take our kids or run into neighbors.”

Improvements Currently Underway

The new concrete dance floor is the first of many more projects during 2013 for Willow Park. Next on the agenda is upgraded electric for the bandstand, re-concreted sidewalks, installation of path lights throughout the park as well as the installation of World’s Fair benches and trash receptacles. Another addition that you won’t be able to see is the time capsule that CTNA put in before the dance floor was completed.

If you’re wondering what is in the capsule, Holz tells us, “We placed a collection of things, a little pin from the neighborhood centennial celebration, newspaper articles about the neighborhood, and special messages from those who attended the ground breaking. I personally left a message to those in the future who happen upon our little deposit to celebrate our parks.” What an exciting way to celebrate their contribution to the park!

A round of applause for the Cherokee Triangle Neighborhood Association for all that they do for the parks and our community! If you are interested in learning more about the Park Adoptions Partner program, Click Here!

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