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Tree Canopy Assessment Released

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Due to devastating natural and human causes, tree loss in Louisville is overwhelming. This has a negative impact on our city’s environment, economy and community well-being. To understand the extent of the impact, Louisville Metro Tree Advisory Council asked for an urban tree canopy assessment, which was released earlier this spring.

Key points noted in the assessment*:

  • Tree canopy in Louisville is only 37%; if large parks are excluded it’s closer to 30%.
  • Despite current tree planting efforts, Louisville loses 54,000 trees each year.
  • If no steps are taken to address the issue the canopy will drop to 31% by 2022.
  • Current canopy provides $300 million in benefits each year; if the canopy decreases so do the benefits.

Louisville has established the goal to GROW the tree canopy to 45%. Olmsted Parks Conservancy is committed to helping the City meet this goal. This means extensive planting of trees and shrubs wherever needed in the Olmsted Parks and Parkways System. Helping meet this goal will ensure a healthier environment for the entire community.

What are your plans to help the city GROW the canopy? You can donate to Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s tree planting efforts. Your gift will impact the health of our community by growing the canopy of trees in your Frederick Law Olmsted Parks and Parkways. Increase the canopy by donating today.

*Statistics from the 2015 Louisville Tree Canopy Assessment Report.

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