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Monarch Butterfly Waystations in Olmsted Parks

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Let’s Create a Monarch Butterfly Waystation in Iroquois Park!


With a population in rapid decline, the Monarch Butterflies need our help! Your donation in support of the Waystation Project will save the butterfly population while also enhancing the beauty of Iroquois Park. By converting the old, unused hilltop tennis courts into a waystation, we can provide these exquisite insects with food, shelter and breeding grounds during their migration through Louisville.

The total project cost, which includes planting prairie grass seeds and installing two rustic cedar benches, is $10,000. Help us make it happen!

Consider giving a donation in honor of a special person or special occasion, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and/or an anniversary to help create the Monarch Butterfly Waystation.





But we need your help. Show your Iroquois Park Pride and donate today.


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May 3, 2016

This Spring the Conservancy will begin to plant monarch butterfly waystations. The waystations will serve as food, shelter and breeding grounds for the butterflies, which are losing much of its population.

The first waystations, will be in Cherokee and Seneca Parks with plans for more in Iroquois Park.  The designated areas will be planted with a milkweed mix and will bring added beauty to the area it is planted in.

Waystation located right off the scenic loop between Beargrass creek and the golf course
Waystation located off Barrett Hill Rd and Cherokee Rd

Kentucky is one of the few states that gets to see the Monarch as they migrate to and from Mexico each summer and winter. As the butterflies migrate and rest in our waystations park users will see their beauty first hand as they bring added life to the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks.

Waystation located near the scenic loop by the Daniel Boone statue

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