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Fredericka von Olmsted: On the town

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Fredericka von Olmsted is Vasaria’s most glamorous ambassador. She turns up at all the best European social events and when the hounds of winter descend, she packs her pups and heads for the warmer climates of the Greek Isles and Caribbean.

It’s not just glitz and glam, however, Fredericka von Olmsted is Vasaria’s glowing representative to the fashion and social world and a breath of fresh air (when her 43 puppies are not in tow) who brings the best of Vasaria to the front pages of social pubs worldwide. News of her impending travel to Kentucky has generated much chattering the Kardashian/Hilton circles, with celebrities flocking to Kentucky.

Come to the Boo La La Halloween Ball and meet Fredericka!

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