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Economic surveys conducted by private and public sector agencies confirm that parks increase residential and commercial property values.

Boo La La Halloween Ball


Ghosts and goblins are gossiping. Witches and wizards are whispering. The news is spreading like an outbreak of zombies. The 2016 Boo La La Halloween Ball was a fantastic success! Thank you to all our sponsors and guests—your support will help help us continue to make investments in our treasured Olmsted Parks and Parkways.

Guests attending Boo La La Halloween Ball had a special treat this year: A flash mob of dancers performed Thriller much to their delight. 

Watch the Thriller flash mob performance! 

See all the pictures of this year’s event.

Thank you to everyone who made the evening such a success!

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It’s Halloween, that mystical time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Through that veil, the spirit of the Parks rise up and ask for our help. They remind us that we share in the stewardship of the stunningly-beautiful Olmsted Parks system and through our collaboration and care, Mother Nature is able to work her magic.

Boo La La is Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s most important fundraiser as it raises critical funds to support our work in three key areas: historic restoration, environmental protection and community well-being.