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April Volunteers Rock!

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It takes a lot of hands on effort to take care of our Frederick Law Olmsted Parks, and we can’t do it without the help from the community! Thanks to you, our amazing volunteers, April was an incredible month of service (and we aren’t finished yet!).  Additional thanks goes to our Park Stewards who all helped throughout the month also!

From April 1 to April 23 volunteers donated 1189 hours of service. Wow! Click on the park names to find photos of yourself or your group. 

IMG_20130407_124136_339Chickasaw Park:  April 6, it was a focus on clean-up for those in Chickasaw Park lending a hand. This energized group of individuals cleared out heaps of broken glass, plastic containers and even several car tires. 


April 2013 Bingham Group by Frederick Law Olmsted ParksBingham Park: April 6, Bingham Park adoption partners gave their all at their neighborhood park. A grand amount of invasive plants were fantastically banished from the park.  



Central Park: April 13, hundreds of diligent individuals transformed this park by planting flowering plants, evicting weeds, protecting trees with hearty mulch and much more!  



Iroquois Park: April 13, was a big day with Expeditor’s Adoption Partner, Cub Scout Pack 711, Metro Corrections, Raytheon employees, and many park neighbors! These fantastic groups removed the unsightly weeds from the bio-retention cells and gingerly mulched the wildflower beds.   

elliott_bf-kca 4-2013_66Elliott Park: April 17, scrapping and scrapping then painting! That’s what the individuals from Brown-Forman and Kentucky Center for the Arts did at Elliott Park. And to beautify this lovely square park, the groups mulched scores of trees and added a nice layer of mulch in the play areas.

Stansbury Park April 19, University of Louisville Facility Management Assistants came out on their Friday afternoon to help clean-up unsightly litter from Stansbury Park and neighboring campus streets as part of the Mayor’s Week of Service.

IMG_20130420_114034_311Shelby Park: April 20, it was beauty over Thunder for the ambitious Gresham, Smith and Partners group. They took care of the beauty of this park by yanking out nasty weeds around all the park trees.


CTA- Willow Park

Willow Park: April 20, preparing for their annual art fair, Cherokee Triangle Neighborhood Association came in like lightening and spruced up the this pretty park.  Join the group at the art fair April 27-28.


DSC01014Shawnee Park: Painting and planting was the action in this grand park. Click on the dates below to see photos from the event.

April 3: with meticulous effort, the dedicated group from Fighting Chance of Louisville first scraped and then painted the trim of the sports complex building. Now its ready for the spring baseball!

April 23: members of UPS’s Information Services department dug deep and successfully planting 40 trees in Shawnee Park. A total of 80 trees were donated as part of the UPS Global Tree Planting Project. 


DSC00885Cherokee and Seneca Parks were buzzing with marvelous volunteers all month. Click on the dates below to see photos from the event.

 April 4:  St X. students and JCPS Americorps volunteers took on the planting oodles of viburnum shrubs in Seneca Park as part of MSD’s Urban Reforestation Program Grant.
April 12: Elementary school students from Whitney Young, Cane Run, St James and Portland celebrated Arbor Day by planting over 36 trees in Cherokee Park.
April 16:  ABG Properties/Weichert Realty, Metro Information Technology, Winston Industries and park neighbors snatched up the pretty but invasive garlic mustard and spread mulch around young and old trees in Cherokee Park.
April 18: St. Francis High School Park Adoption Partner and Crosley Radio continued the snatching of the invasive garlic mustard so as to limit regrowth in Cherokee Park.

April 20: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Church of Latter Day Saints, and UPS employees took charge and of the nasty bush honeysuckle in Cherokee Park.

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