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A New Way to Reach Iroquois Park’s North Overlook

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Fans of Iroquois Park’s Scenic North Overlook have a new way to reach the site, thanks to Olmsted Parks Conservancy! In case you were wondering how many steps it takes to get from the parking lot to the scenic vista, we can confirm that it’s more than 180, as that is the number of sandstone steps we installed!

As part of the Natural Surface Trail Restoration Plan, the goal in Iroquois Park was to connect key access points and destinations by linking the amphitheater parking lot, hiking trail behind the Jack O’Lantern Spectacular area, and the Corbly Trail route up to the North Overlook. The stone step installation completes Phase 1 of the plan in our South Louisville flagship park!

To explore the stairs for yourself, simply park in the lot at the intersection of Uppill and Rundill Roads, and you will see the steps leading up to the North Overlook. The steps connect with the Corbly Trail before continuing up the slope, so you can choose to take either route. Don’t forget to take pictures and tag us on social media!

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