Hike it! Bike it! Walk it! Run it!

“Miles of Smiles” is how one young park user refers to the trails in the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks. Every year hundreds of people, young and old, use the trails; whether it’s Iroquois, Cherokee or Seneca Park, they enjoy the meandering paths and nature experienced all around.

Many volunteers (groups and individuals) also enjoy the trail experience so much they have committed their time to building and maintaining the trails along with our staff. The goal is to provide a positive experience for everyone while assuring the health of the park is in top-notch condition.

Trails for Everyone

Just as there are multiple ways to experience the trails, there are multiple types of trails. Multiuse trails are for hikers, runners, and mountain bikers; and other trails for hikers and runners only. Look for the signs, and use only the appropriate trails to avoid accidents!

Trail Etiquette

The following trail etiquette tips, courtesy of Elizabeth Bassett, author of Nature Walks in Northern Vermont and the Champlain Valley and our very own Major Waltman, Project Director, will keep our trails beautiful and add to your enjoyment.

Your Help is Needed

Following the trail etiquette is one way you can help, but also donating your time to maintain trails throughout the year is essential. Be part of the task force to help keep these trails maintained and healthy all year. Join us along with the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association, Red Zone Youth Cycling Team and other committed groups and individuals. For more information on volunteering click here.



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