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Be a Park Hero, Leave Behind Zero

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Help Clean up Big Rock in Cherokee Park

Named after a large limestone rock that sits in Beargrass Creek, the Big Rock area of Cherokee Park has been a popular gathering spot for over a century. ⁣With few options open to beat the summer heat this year, Big Rock has been more popular than ever – with people from all over Louisville flocking to the park each weekend.

While we love to see the park being used, more and more trash is being left behind. From plastic, food waste, charcoal grills…we’ve seen a lot left behind in the park after a busy weekend. ⁣

Why does that matter?

Every piece of trash left behind harms the park, it’s users and the creatures who call it home. Animals sometime can’t distinguish between what is or isn’t food – meaning that they could consume trash that they can’t process. Litter can leave behind disease-causing microorganisms that contaminate water systems like Beargrass Creek. And it’s up to all of us to do our part to protect the parks we love so much.

Be a Park Hero, Leave Behind Zero.

Thanks to a generous sponsorship from the Trager Family Foundation to help reduce trash left behind in the Olmsted Parks, starting right here at Big Rock in Cherokee Park, Olmsted Parks Conservancy is launching an initiative to call on park visitors and generous volunteers to, “Be a Park Hero, and Leave Behind Zero.”⁣

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