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Woodland Edge Prairies Update

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Woodland edge at the bottom of Baringer Hill being prepped for the prairie plantings.

May 3 update: Throughout Cherokee and Seneca Parks crews have been working to prepare the soil around the woodland edges for the prairie mix that will be planted this spring. Beginning this summer the prairie mix will grow replacing the recently eradicated invasive species.

These flowers will help control invasive vines that suffocate trees on the woodland edge.

The Tree Triage volunteer events have been successful! Over the last few years, our volunteers have helped clear invasive vines along the woodland edges of Cherokee and Seneca Parks. These destructive vines include Porcelain Berry, English Ivy, Bittersweet, and others. Now that we’ve nearly eliminated the vines on the edges, we want to keep them from re-growing.

This summer we will plant prairie seeds along the edges so the taller growing species will out compete the vines for sunlight resulting in elimination of the vines. The prairie seeds are a mix of native flowering plants and grasses and will not only help combat the invasive vines but provide wildlife habitat and colorful woodland edges.

Although we have made great strides in removing vines on woodland edges we are still holding Tree Triage volunteer events this summer starting May 12. Please see our volunteer events to sign up.

Woodland edge near the bottom of Baringer Hill being prepped for the prairie plantings.

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