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UPS Foundation Awards Grant to Park Steward Program

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UPS pilot John Walsh has been a Park Steward since 2012.

UPS employees have been volunteering in the Olmsted Parks since 2006. These enthusiastic volunteers have planted trees, removed invasive species, and repaired park structures in Shawnee, Iroquois, Cherokee and Seneca Parks. 

The UPS Foundation, with its strong focus on environmental sustainability and volunteerism, has taken their commitment to the Olmsted Parks a step further by awarding Olmsted Parks Conservancy a grant for our Park Steward and Junior Park Steward Training Programs. A Park Steward is a volunteer leader who receives in-depth training by Conservancy staff to help with park projects, volunteer events and/or community outreach.

This funding not only supports the program in 2015, but it will allow the program to expand, including an enhanced core training curriculum, continuing education opportunities for existing Stewards and heightened visibility of the program across the community. By increasing the number of volunteer leaders, the Conservancy fosters pride and stewardship among park neighbors and they learn how to improve the health of the Olmsted Parks for future generations.

Thank you UPS for being a great park neighbor!

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