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Thank You to These Dedicated Volunteers!

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We appreciate every single one of our volunteers, but we want to give special recognition to the following individuals and groups who volunteered in 2012.

Outstanding Park Steward: Roxanne Yeoman dedicated many hours helping the Restoration Team with planting, irrigation, and invasive plant removal.

Best User Group: KYMBA advocates for sustainable trails in our parks and donated an amazing amount of time and effort improving the trail system in Cherokee and Seneca Parks.

Office Volunteer Extraordinaire: Janet Dakan files, collates and manages mailings. We can’t imagine getting it done without her.

Most Awesome School Group: St Francis High School is an awe inspiring Park Adoption Partner. They have contributed many hours improving Cherokee Park.

Long-time Friendly Neighbors: Cherokee Triangle Association advocates, fundraises, and volunteers for Willow Park year after year.

Friendly Neighbors of the Year: Bingham Park Neighbors are Park Adoption Partners who have enthusiastically worked to restore their small neighborhood Olmsted Park.

Incredible Intern: Jenna Wissing, a U of L student, who interned during the summer while also holding a fulltime job. She continues to be a huge help with our volunteer events and restoration efforts.

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