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Park Steward Spotlight: Scott Choffel

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“Years ago I was in town visiting a friend in Louisville and we walked through Iroquois Park and stepped into the golf club house for a drink. I spotted a brochure for the Olmsted Parks Conservancy and picked it up, not knowing whether or not I would be back to Louisville again,” Scott Choffel reminisced.

Now a part-time resident of the Upper-Highland’s, Scott splits his time between Louisville and Pennsylvania. Scott participated in the Conservancy’s summer 2012 Park Steward training program. The classes provided the knowledge and tools and hands-on experience to work in the parks independently. “Because I am certified, it’s been really nice that I can work on my own. It allows me the flexibility I need while still traveling between Louisville and Pennsylvania.” Scott said, “…and I really enjoy being outdoors.”

Even after retiring from working in theater and spending time in the Peace Core, Scott is still shocking himself, “I’m surprised to find myself taking the time to learn about plants,” he said. For as long as he can remember, Scott’s late wife had the green thumb. Now he has a green thumb of his own.

When he isn’t volunteering Scott is traveling, cycling his usual 30 mile route around Louisville, or enjoying concerts. “If someone was thinking about volunteering with Olmsted Parks Conservancy, I would tell them that you don’t have to know anything. You will be well informed and trained, and certainly, certainly, certainly appreciated,” Scott said.

We are so grateful to be working with you Scott! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the parks.

If you are interested in learning more about the Park Steward training, visit:

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