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The alleged great, great, great grandniece of Frederick Law Olmsted, Fredericka Von Olmsted is coming to Boo La La this year and we can’t wait!

Frederick loves her puppies so it’s not every day Fredericka von Olmsted brings a new dog into her fold, but when she does, it’s cause for celebration.

Making his first appearance last week at the annual Vloachella Music Vestival, Iroquois is the 43rd dog to join the von Olmsted pack. According to Fredericka’s publicist, Vlaura Ross, Iroquois is named after one of the revered parks in Louisville, Kentucky, where Fredericka will be visiting this month.

“We are looking for a few more dogs right now to add to our group. They will be tiny, of course, and named after Louisville’s other grand parks – Cherokee, Shawnee and Seneca. I love dogs.” said Ross.

Iroquois’ appearance was a surprise to many, as the von Olmsted dogs are rarely seen without a manservant in a tux wearing rubber boots with a silver-plated scooper and monogrammed poop bag in tow.

“Fredericka is trying to open herself up more to Vasarians. Her appearance
with the new dog is the first step in our efforts to spread the word about parks conservation and small dog awareness.”

Join Fredericka at the must-attend Boo La La in support of Olmsted Parks Conservancy. Learn More

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