Plant for the Planet–Seneca Park

Olmsted Parks Conservancy Plants 240 Trees in Seneca Park
Funding provided from LG&E and KU grant

Olmsted Parks Conservancy is planting 240 (14 species) of trees in Seneca Park, through a $5,000 grant from LG&E and KU’s “Plant for the Planet” program. The staff of Olmsted Parks Conservancy, including Mimi Zinniel, President/CEO, and several dedicated volunteers are planting the trees.

As part of Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s Woodlands Restoration project, areas in Seneca Park were cleared earlier this year of the highly invasive bush honeysuckle. To help combat re-growth of the bush honeysuckle, planting native plants and trees in its place is a best-practice method used by Olmsted Parks Conservancy.

Thanks to the grant provided by LG&E and KU’s “Plant for the Planet” grant program, Olmsted Parks Conservancy was able to purchase and plant trees including Beech, Sassafras, Sugar Maple, Hackberry, White Oak and Redbud. This is a mix of canopy and understory trees that will help provide a healthy woodland area in years to come.

The planting area, behind the basketball courts and interstate 64, has been mapped out to follow the original Olmsted park planting plan from 1928.

Thank you LG&E and KU for this incredible support.


Crew makes sure the trees are properly setFlags indicate tree locationsCrew makes sure the trees are properly setCrew makes sure the trees are properly setCrew tackles the big treesVolunteers assisting in Planting
Group of trees doneFirst tree is inCrew and Volunteers preparing to plant

Plant for the Planet–Seneca Park, a set on Flickr.

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