Park Survey Results Explained

You may have heard about the information released June 5 by the Trust for Public Lands, which ranks cities based on an analysis of their parks. Louisville ranks 49th out of 50 cities surveyed. Last year we were 38th out of 40 cities surveyed. Well here is some additional information to understand about the survey and why Louisville looks to be behind.

What is this survey?

Every year the Trust for Public Lands develops measures of the quantity and accessibility of parks in cities across the United States. Some of the data used are in the public domain (e.g. acreage); other data are gathered by TPL through their own surveys. Click to read the study results.

What are the measures used?

Why is Louisville ranked so low?

There are a few major reasons our ranking is low:

Measures to consider

TPL’s measures are statistical, and doesn’t account for things like the quality of each park, and user satisfaction. If there were such measures, the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks and other parks in the Metro Parks system would show the greatness of the parks in our city.

Continue to protect, preserve and support your city parks.

Fred Facts
Olmsted believed all people would meet and mingle in parks, thus overcoming the barriers of class and wealth.

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