Martin Luther King Day of Service

Thank you to the many volunteers that came out and helped in Shawnee Park. It was a very chilling day but the sun was shinning bright. Mulching, removing invasive plants, trash pick up and more…it was quite a day and we appreciate your commitment to our Olmsted Parks!

These great groups came out to help:
Target Sores
International Leadership Program
Fighting Chance of Louisville
University of Louisville
St. Martha’s Church
VA Tech Alumni Association
Americorps REACH

MLK 1-21-2013-1MLK 1-21-2013-2MLK 1-21-2013-3MLK 1-21-2013-4MLK 1-21-2013-5MLK 1-21-2013-6

MLK 1-21-2013-7MLK 1-21-2013-8MLK 1-21-2013-8MLK 1-21-2013-9MLK 1-21-2013-10MLK 1-21-2013-11

MLK 1-21-2013-12MLK 1-21-2013-13MLK 1-21-2013-14MLK 1-21-2013-15MLK 1-21-2013-16MLK 1-21-2013-17
MLK 1-21-2013-18MLK 1-21-2013-19MLK 1-21-2013-20MLK 1-21-2013-21MLK 1-21-2013-22MLK 1-21-2013-23

Frederick Law Olmsted Parks’ photostream on Flickr.

Fred Facts
Olmsted believed all people would meet and mingle in parks, thus overcoming the barriers of class and wealth.

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