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The Impacts of Your Olmsted Parks

You visit, volunteer, workout, drive-by or through one or many of the Olmsted Parks, but did you think about the impact the Olmsted Parks have on you and your city? Olmsted Parks Conservancy decided to answer that question.

In general, we know parks are important civic investments but what additional impact do the Frederick Law Olmsted Park and Parkways? In 2017, we contracted Place Economics to measure the impacts and this is what we discovered: Louisville’s Olmsted-designed parks and parkways bring significant additional environmental, economic and social value to our community.

Read the Impact Study to learn more: Olmsted Parks Impact Study

Understanding the impacts the Olmsted Parks make on your community reiterates the value of these historic parks and strengthens the Conservancy’s committment. For the last 29 years, Olmsted Parks Conservancy has worked to restore, enhance and preserve the 18 Olmsted Parks and 6 Parkways in Louisville. We are committed to forever protecting these communities assets.

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Fred Facts
Evidence shows that when people have access to parks, they are more likely to exercise, which can reduce obesity and its associated problems and costs.


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