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Fixit Bike Repair Stand installed in Seneca Park.

The number of cyclists in Cherokee and Seneca Parks and surrounding neighborhoods continues to grow at a fast pace and in-park bike assistance is often needed. Ben Botkin, owner of Parkside Bikes on Bardstown Road, generously donated a Dero Fixit Bike Repair Stand to Olmsted Parks Conservancy.

The Fixit Bike Repair Stand known as “Today’s Service Station” makes it easy for anyone to keep rolling with a basic repair stand, durable air pump, and basic tools. It features a metal stand with a slot, or saddle, designed to suspend a bicycle for repairs. The repair stand includes tools, a variety of wrenches, screwdrivers, and other implements attached with sturdy cables. From pumping up flat tires to adjusting seat heights and brakes, this repair stand will improve the park user’s safety and opportunity to enjoy a great day in the park.

The repair stand is located in the parking near the Seneca Park basketball courts on Pee Wee Reese Road, just past Cherokee Gardens. Thank you Ben and Parkside Bikes for your support of cyclists and the Olmsted Parks! Learn More about Parkside at

Scan the QR code for the bicycle repair guide for the Fixit Station!

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