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Join our Team: Field Crew Technician

We are hiring! Our Team for Healthy Parks is looking to add a Field Crew Technician. Interested parties can contact our Operations Manager, Nik Eiche nik.eiche@olmstedparks.org.

Resumes and cover letters are due WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 1.

Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s mission is to restore, enhance and forever protect Louisville’s Olmsted-designed parks and parkways, connecting nature and neighborhood while strengthening the community’s well-being. We value diversity in all its forms for the same reason we value biodiversity in our parks: it makes communities more resilient, sustainable, and vibrant. Our parks are an intrinsic part of Louisville, and, as an organization striving for inclusivity, we commit to fostering diversity and respect both in nature and neighborhood.  


Under supervision of the Operations Manager, the Field Crew Technician works as a member of the Team for Healthy Parks. The THP performs ecological restoration, horticultural maintenance and many other projects throughout our 17 Olmsted Parks. The Field Crew Technician job exists to restore, enhance, and protect these original, historic greenspaces. We work closely with Louisville Parks & Recreation to ensure Olmsted parks are accessible, safe, and that our natural areas are healthy and well maintained. This work occurs outdoors full-time and year-round, regardless of weather conditions. Expect some discomfort via biting insects, poisonous plants, and high humidity countered by gorgeous woodlands, beautiful native plants, and wildlife. We strive to provide opportunities for growth through additional training, including participation in conferences, seminars and workshops.


  1. Implement natural areas restoration activities. Examples may include:
     – Integrated pest management, often using herbicide applications and power tools.
     – Maintain urban forest and prairie ecosystems.
     – Monitor and track restorative actions for efficacy.
     – Trail maintenance and clearing.
  2. Maintain formal, specimen, and restoration plantings. Examples of tasks may include:
     – Safe use of general landscape tools, power tools (such as brush cutters and chainsaws), vehicles with trailers, skid steer loader and attachments, gator, etc.
     – Installation of trees, shrubs and landscape beds
     – Irrigation, mulching, pruning, weeding and other horticultural maintenance
  3. Other tasks including:
     – Maintain tools and management log.
     – Install park amenities including benches, fences, trash cans, and signs
     – Supervise seasonal employees, interns, and volunteers in park restoration projects.
     – Interact with the public in a respectful way
     – Data collection via Field Maps & Survey123 apps (personal phone use is common, but not required)

4. Other duties as required to maintain safety and accessibility across the Olmsted Parks System.


SALARY: $17.50/hour

BENEFITS: Paid vacation (2 weeks per year), 12 paid holidays, paid time off 1 day per month.  100%  Individual Health Insurance; 6 weeks paid parental leave.  

Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity in its workplace. OPC reserves the right to revise and alter this job description as needed. (FLSA STATUS: Nonexempt EEO CODE: 7)

Resumes and cover letters are due WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 1.

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