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Cyclists Love Olmsted Parks and Parkways!

The Olmsted Parks and Parkways have a long shared history with cycling, including the following:

Cyclists not only enjoy riding both on park roads and trails, but are committed park users who understand the value of the parks to the community; many are dedicated volunteers.

Both KyMBA (Kentucky Mountain Bike Association) and the Louisville Bicycle Club (pictured  above) have donated thousands of hours to keeping Olmsted Parks healthy by serving as Park Adoption Partners. KyMBA helps to create and maintain multi-use trails in Cherokee and Seneca Parks. Louisville Bicycle Club members regularly work to improve Wayside Park.

Parkside Bikes generously donated a Dero Fixit Bike Repair Stand to Olmsted Parks Conservancy. The stand is located near the Seneca Park basketball courts on Pee Wee Reese Road.

Thank you to the cycling community for your support of the Olmsted Parks and Parkways though the years!

Louisville will host the 46th Wheelmen National Meet from June 21-25, 2013. Wheelmen worldwide will come together for a four-day celebration of antique cycling. Events at Olmsted Parks include:

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Fred Facts
During the Civil War, Olmsted was General Secretary of the United States Sanitary Commission, forerunner of the American Red Cross.


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