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Cherokee Park: Bonnycastle Hill Restoration Project

July 16, 2018 Update

Great weather has brought great progress for this project! The pavilion is moving along well! The terrace wall for the pavilion is coming along as well as the limestone curbing for the new parking plan!


May 31, 2018 Update

This project is moving along! See photos of the progress that has been made! you can see the footers are being formed up for the new Stegner Pavilion. The basketball court and walkway around the area has been cut and gravel laid. Limestone is being set along the park road for the lay-by parking

Footers formed for the Stegner Pavilion

Limestone placed along the new layby parking

Footers formed for the Stegner Pavilion

Gravel laid for the walkway

Gravel laid for basketball court

March 9, 2018

Olmsted Parks Conservancy, in collaboration with Louisville Parks & Recreation, is pleased to announce the start of restoration work in the Bonnycastle Hill Area of Cherokee Park.

This $1,100,000 restoration project includes construction of a new picnic pavilion in the southern area, relocation of the basketball court, additional walking paths, and reconfigured parking area to better accommodate park user needs.

Special thanks to the Stegner Family, donors to Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s Campaign for Extraordinary Parks, Metro Louisville, and Louisville Parks & Recreation.


The popular area of Cherokee Park is named in honor of Mrs. Hattie Bonnycastle who donated the land to the city in the late 1800s. The Bonnycastle Hill area was included in the original plan for Cherokee Park by Frederick Law Olmsted. Sharing this area is the popular landmark Hogans Fountain designed by Enid Yandell.

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