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Louisville Metro Golf Courses

What’s going on with Louisville’s Golf Courses?

Louisville Metro recently listed a Request for Proposal for Management, Operation, and Maintenance of Louisville’s public golf courses.


How will this impact our Olmsted Parks?

There are four golf courses within the Olmsted Parks system that are up for bid in the RFP:  

Olmsted Parks Conservancy supports outside groups approved by Louisville Metro to maintain golf at Iroquois, Seneca and Shawnee parks.

In our proposal to Louisville Metro, we are recommending that the Cherokee Park golf course, which has generated a net loss of $413,800 over the past 6 years, be repurposed into parkland by Olmsted Parks Conservancy.

Why Cherokee Park Golf Course?

While it’s historic, it’s not a part of the park’s original master plan and isn’t sustainable.

The operating costs have routinely exceeded revenue and usage has been decreasing for over 6 years.

There are other alternatives for public golf nearby with comparable fees.

The area currently housing the golf course would be great land to give back to city residents.

Tell us What You think!

Your voice is important. Whether you’re a loyal golfer, or a regular park user – we want your perspective and feedback to help us craft an RFP response that meets the needs of our people. Help us dream big!

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