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Meet Sarah Wolff, Volunteer Recruiter and Park Activity Leader

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Sarah Wolff leads by example. As point person at Olmsted Parks Conservancy for recruiting volunteers and matching them to the right park project, Sarah spends much of her free time outside of work volunteering for organizations dedicated to improving the environment. She is currently serving as president of Beargrass Creek Alliance, serves on the executive committee of the Greater Louisville Sierra Club, and volunteers for the Salt River Watershed Watch to collect water samples for testing.

Sarah, who has a degree in Biology from the University of Louisville, has worked for Olmsted Parks Conservancy since 2005. Initially a student at UK, she made the decision to transfer to U of L after discovering Louisville’s Olmsted Parks. Her love of the environment and all things green grew out of hiking in Carter Caves and Daniel Boone National Forest as a child.

Sarah says the aspect of her job she most enjoys is working with a wide variety of people from neighborhoods across Louisville and having the opportunity to spend time outdoors in the parks. She still gets excited to see the spring wildflowers bloom in restored woodland areas of the parks and reports the Ash tree is her favorite tree species because of its subtle, but beautiful fall color. Sarah also is well known for having a soft heart for animals of all kinds, but especially dogs.

Thank you Sarah for your hard work, dedication, and commitment the health of our natural environment and to the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks!

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