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Meet Robert Woodford, Restoration Manager

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Robert Woodford oversees woodland and natural area restoration projects in the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks. If you see the Nut Truck in an Olmsted Park you can safely assume Robert will be working near by removing invasive species, planting trees or performing one of the other numerous tasks involved in restoring the Olmsted Parks to a state of health and beauty!

Robert is a native Louisvillian who attended Atherton High School and Bellarmine University where he majored in a Foreign Languages (Spanish) and International Studies. It wasn’t until after college, when he took a job working at Metro Parks, he discovered his passion for working in the outdoors.

Since 2008, when he began working for Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Robert has managed the day to day operations resulting in removal of 90% of the Bush Honeysuckle and other invasive species in Cherokee and Seneca Parks. In addition, he also managed the Woodlands Restoration project in Iroquois Park.

When asked about the accomplishments of the Woodlands Crew he manages, Robert says one of the most important milestones is being able to native plant trees in natural areas previously highly degraded from invasive plant growth. When pressed, Robert says he has personally planted over 500 trees in the Olmsted Parks, an estimate we think is very conservative! Because of this effort, the future generations will have parks filled with healthy trees.

Even though he spends his days working in the parks, Robert still uses the park for recreation and respite from life in the city. He loves to hike the trails in Cherokee and Iroquois Parks where he savors the ability to find solitude in a forest in the middle of the city. Robert also enjoys traveling to natural areas where the landscapes vary drastically from the deciduous forests found in this part of the country. He says a recent trip to Utah made a huge impression on him and has inspired an interest in the geology of places.

Thank you Robert for your hard work, dedication and commitment to the restoration of the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks!

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