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LG&E and KU’s Plant for the Planet Grant

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This is the third year the Conservancy has received the LG&E and KU’s Plant for the Planet grant. Plant for the Planet is modeled after the United Nations Environment Program’s Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign. The purpose of UNEP’s tree-planting effort is to bring individuals, communities and businesses together to collectively plant over one billion trees worldwide each year. Similarly, LG&E and KU’s program is designed to encourage nonprofit organizations and local government agencies to bolster their tree programs each year. If you are considering planting trees please check out this link before you plant.

The Conservancy will use the $5000 grant to plant 400 trees and shrubs in Seneca Park. The planting area is located at Pewee Reese and Cherokee Gardens Drive. For the last several months bush honeysuckle has been removed and cleared from the area. This will provide better growth opportunity to the native vegetation.

Before the bush honeysuckle removal

After removal.





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