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Iroquois Park North Overlook is Open!

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September 14, 2016

It was a beautiful day to celebrate the opening of the North Overlook at Iroquois Park. This incredible project came together because of an immense love for our community and its beautiful parks! We are proud that our Mayor, Metro Council and many donors of Olmsted Parks Conservancy were committed to providing the funds required to restore the North Overlook to standards expected and deserved by its users and other park supporters. Please take a look at some of the fantastic features of this project.

Multiuse Path, from Sullivan Grove to the Overlook, enjoy a meandering path that is fully accessible and a quarter of a mile long.
Trees & Landscape, this newly planted grove includes six species of canopy trees. They are all native to Jefferson County and indigenous to Iroquois Park, including sassafras and several varieties of oaks.


Cedar Benches are installed along the path for those seeking rest and relaxation along the way to the overlook.


Planted with sedges and iris, rain gardens along the pathway help capture and hold excess rainwater until it can properly drain into the soil. This helps slow water during major rain storms and reduces erosion.


In continued efforts to control erosion, step pools were created to help slow the flow of storm water and capture silt in the runoff water. Step pools are built out of sandstone.


The use of sandstone is prevalent in the new Overlook design because it is unique to the geology and elevation of the Overlook. The viewing bench at the Overlook, the curb stone lining the Sullivan Grove parking areas, and other features were all built with sandstone.


We are happy to announce that after many months of work, the much-anticipated restoration of the Iroquois Park North Overlook is complete!

A meandering, wheelchair-accessible path now takes the park user to a lovely area with improved views of downtown Louisville and the Indiana Knobs. The experience is maximized when sitting on the rustic stone bench or in the grassy picnic areas. Varieties of trees and shrubs have been planted along with native plants in several retention basins in order to help control erosion.

Please join us at the top of the hill to celebrate the improvements to this historic Olmsted-designed park, loved and enjoyed by many.

Greg Fischer, Louisville Mayor
Marianne Butler, District 15 Councilwoman
Seve Ghose, Metro Parks and Recreation Director
Mimi Zinniel, Olmsted Parks Conservancy President/CEO

May 17 update: The $1.2 million North Overlook project at Iroquois Park is progressing: grading complete in parking area; concrete forms set for the entry area to the overlook path; grading and seeding done on either side of the walking path and three bench pads have been formed and concrete poured. There have also been many trees planted and several rain gardens formed. Officials from Metro Parks and Recreation and Olmsted Parks Conservancy report a delay with the construction of the circular stone bench at the Overlook . The sandstone needed for the bench has been difficult to get because of weather issues at the quarry. They are hopeful the necessary stone to finish the project can be delivered soon. Estimated open date for the North Overlook is mid-July.

May 2 update: More changes at the North Overlook project: grading complete in parking area; concrete forms set for entry area to the overlook path; grading and seeding for the areas on either side of the walking path are complete and three bench pads have been formed. 

January update: Asphalt has been laid for the Overlook trail and the Sullivan Grove parking lot and the stone curbs are almost complete. The formation of the rustic stone seat wall in the Overlook area has started.

The site is still closed to pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic while construction is taking place. Check back soon for more updates. Thanks to many generous donors, this project is jointly funded by Olmsted Parks Conservancy and Metro Parks and Recreation.

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