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Invasive Species Removal and Targeted Herbicide application

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Olmsted Parks Conservancy was founded to take special care of our historic park system, and our staff are deeply invested in providing healthy woodlands in urban spaces for all to enjoy and benefit from.  

  • Our parks’ health is under constant threat from invasive species and disturbances including weather events and heavy park use. To counter these threats, the Team for Healthy Parks (THP) has many tools including the use of selective, targeted herbicide application.
  • THP are all state-licensed herbicide applicators that select the best treatment for each specific threat we are addressing.  In every case, we select the most effective,  efficient, and safe product and application method to reduce the amount of disturbance to the woodlands.  
  • One of the chemicals we use in the woodlands is glyphosate, commonly known as Round-Up. Compared to all the other synthetic herbicide options available, glyphosate is by far the least harmful to humans, wildlife, and the environment. 
  • Signage will be at trailheads and entrances into the affected areas.  When park users stay on trails while the herbicide dries (up to four hours) there is no opportunity for the public or their pets to interact with the herbicides.

The current beauty and biodiversity of our woodlands would not be possible without decades of extensive invasive species removal and targeted herbicide application. We will always use all the data and experience at our disposal to remove invasive species with the least damaging tools possible.  For park users’ safety, we only spray select, small sections at a time. If you feel uncomfortable recreating in an area that we’ve treated there are still many other sections of the park that are available.

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