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Give for Good 2021

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Our Olmsted Parks are here for us when we need them most.

Since its inception in 1891, our Olmsted Parks and Parkways system has provided Louisvillians with calm and comforting places for relaxation, recreation, and reflection through some of our nation’s toughest times—from WWI to the Great Depression, through The Great Flood and the devastating 1974 tornado.

Thanks to ongoing support from Olmsted Parks Conservancy members, our 17 Olmsted Parks remain healthy, vibrant, and accessible to everyone—regardless of race, income or background.

By supporting Olmsted Parks Conservancy on Give For Good, you’re helping restore, enhance and forever protect Louisville’s historic 17 Olmsted parks and 6 parkways, connecting nature and neighborhood while strengthening the community’s well-being.

Because of your generous gift our Olmsted Parks will be around when we need them – today, tomorrow, and always.

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