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Fredericka von Olmsted to Attend Boo La La

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Heiress says the Boo La La Ball is tops on her list for partying with Americans!

The Vasaria Veekly announced today that Fredericka von Olmsted will conduct her first overseas visit to the United States in October 2013.

She will visit Louisville, Kentucky, home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby, lots of bourbon, mysterious cheese-covered turkey dishes and the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks System.

While in Louisville, Fredericka will visit the city’s Olmsted Parks to learn how they are lovingly restored, preserved and enhanced more than a century after her relative, Frederick Law Olmsted, famously designed the parks system.

She will also attend the highly regarded and fashionable soiree of the year, Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s annual Boo La La Halloween Ball , on Saturday, October 26. The event has moved this year to Louisville’s downtown Marriott Hotel, no doubt in deference to Fredericka’s looming attendance.

“I’m told the Boo La La Ball is the most important event in Louisville every year, “Fredericka told the Vasaria Veekly. “So, obviously, I must attend, as it would behoove a von Olmsted to do. My presence will certainly demand attention and provide Louisvillians with a party they will never forget.”

”We are honored that Fredericka von Olmsted will attend Boo La La,” said Mimi Zinniel, President/CEO of Olmsted Parks Conservancy. “Imagine our surprise when we learned of Fredericka, Vasaria and her plans to visit. We certainly are intrigued and excited to welcome her to Louisville. Who knew we could be so lucky?”

Official records were lost in the great Vasarian flood of 1888, but genealogists paid for by the von Olmsted family of Vasaria claim links to Frederick Law Olmsted’s family tree. Fredericka von Olmsted therefore lays claim to be in the great-great-great grandniece on the von Olmsted side of the Frederick Law Olmsted family.

“It is a distinct possibility, ja,” said Heinrichvon Stuedel, chief genealogist at the Vasarian Center for Cultural Awareness. “What’s good for the von Olmsted’s is good for Vasaria. I’m sure there is a natural link between the families, given the rampant inbreeding, er, marriages of the aristocracy in the mid-19th century. The von Olmsted’s are known for their castle, Schloss von Olmsted, and the surrounding Vasarian forest and parks. They like trees; Frederick Law Olmsted liked trees. Ja, she is a legitimate heiress and it is a perfect fit.”

One of Fredericka’s many puppies!

”Louisville will not know what hit them when I arrive,” Fredericka said. “My puppies and I are excited to see the Olmsted Parks and we look forward to leaving our legacy with Louisville in more ways than one. Nothing will stand in the way of good time to be had by all. I will make sure of that.”

In the meantime, Fredericka and her assistants are busy planning for the Boo La La Ball. “I hear it is the epitome of Halloween Chic fashion that evening with costumes that are over the top. My entire life is over the top, so I will fit right in with the crowd. I’m ready to dance the night away with my Louisville “family“ to the sounds of Endless Summer Band. It’s going to be quite an evening full of fun and surprises. They’ll never guess what it means to have Fredericka von Olmsted attend their Boo La La Ball . Stay tuned, it’s going to be epic!”

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