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Cherokee Park Tennis Courts

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What’s happening to the Cherokee Park Tennis courts?

Due to wear and tear over the years, the tennis courts in Cherokee Park (by Chauffeur’s Rest) are being removed. The courts would need to be completely replaced (costing a minimum of $125,000) to get them in playing condition, and since this location wasn’t originally designed to include tennis courts, the decision was made by Louisville Parks and Recreation and Olmsted Parks Conservancy to remove the courts altogether as detailed in the masterplan and repurpose materials where possible.

So, what’s going there next?

Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s Team For Healthy Parks will restore the area by planting a meadow to provide habitat and food sources for animals and pollinators, reduce mowing areas, and sequester carbon – similar to what was done at the base of Baringer Hill and for the park’s Monarch butterfly waystations along Baringer Spring. After the meadow is restored, we also intend to add tribute benches so park visitors have a place to sit and enjoy the area. Learn more about Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s Meadow restoration efforts.

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