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Bloom Elementary Premiers “Olmsted Today” Video!

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Bloom Elementary School Premiers “Olmsted Today” Show!

The talented students in the Bloom Elementary School Media Club premiered their yearlong efforts at the “Power of the Parks” breakfast event this morning! Their show displays knowledge and passion for the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks. These future news reporters even include weather reports and breaking news about a Money Tree found in Cherokee Park!


Mayor Fischer Shows His Support.
Not to be out done by the students, Mayor Greg Fischer showed his support for the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks as well. Breakfast guests learned how the Olmsted Parks positively impact property value, tourism, health, community cohesion, clean water, and clean air in our city.


 Is There Really a Money Tree?
Unfortunately, the Money Tree does not exist! To thrive, Louisville’s Frederick Law Olmsted Parks need hard work, funding from individuals, and community support. The Olmsted Parks are our health clubs and art studios, our outdoor classrooms, sports facilities and family retreats. They play a vital role in protecting the city’s health and well-being. Without attention and funding, the value of these great assets will decline. Please show you support for your Frederick Law Olmsted Parks by making a donation today!

Thank you to the breakfast sponsors who passionately support the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks and Parkways!








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