Our Mission

Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s mission is to restore, enhance and forever protect Louisville’s Olmsted-designed parks and parkways, connecting nature and neighborhood while strengthening the community’s well-being. Keenly focused on our vision—that all seventeen parks and six parkways are extraordinary, in every way, for everyone—we execute projects that achieve the following:


We restore the historical elements of the Olmsted Parks and Parkways through our capital park investments.


We enhance the parks through ecological restoration and natural areas management. We follow the historic planting plans for each park, plant hundreds of trees and bushes each year, keep invasive species out of the woodlands and maintain the formally planted landscapes.

Community Connection

We deepen connections between neighbors and the parks through hands-on volunteer projects, Friends of Olmsted Parks neighborhood groups and playful educational programming in the parks.

Fred Facts
Frederick Law Olmsted’s landscape design for the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 was a model for Disney’s Experimental Prototype of the Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT).

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