Woodlands Restoration

Devastated by the 1974 tornado, impacted by construction of I-64, suffering from the stress of increased use, and under attack from invasive species and erosion Cherokee and Seneca Parks’ wooded areas have been in a steady decline for over 30 years.

Through tremendous support from our community we have raised funds towards the Woodlands Restoration project that is helping save our woodlands. Although we have funding we still need help from volunteers to help us rid the parks of these invasive plants. Like a garden, the woodlands need proper care or they will die so consider volunteering. Check out our Volunteer page for information on how to sign up and help.

The Plan to Save Park Woodlands

Since beginning the restoration efforts in 2006, to date we have accomplished much:

More Work Ahead

Although we have made progress in restoring the parks much, work remains:


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