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Cherokee Park Walking Tours

Join Park Steward and Certified Tour Guide Denise Davis on a series of four walking tours in Cherokee Park in august & september.

Come to all four tours for a better glimpse into this park’s rich and layered history, where you’ll immerse yourself in the landscape while learning about the park’s role as Louisville’s living masterpiece and a city park for all, encounter nature using the park’s bridges and paths, and the hear more about the role Beargrass Creek plays in the park’s design and ecosystem. 

Tours in Cherokee Park run on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:30 – 11:30. Each tour is free to the public and lasts 90 minutes. Click on one of the links below to learn more and reserve your spot on Eventbrite.

Cherokee Park Walking Tour: Louisville's Living Masterpiece

🕤: Wednesday, 7/31 & Saturday, 8/3 | 9:30 AM

📍 Meeting Location: WILLOW PARK

Walk from Willow Park up beautiful Alexander Road into Cherokee Park, then explore Baringer Hill. Along the way, hear about and experience the depth and beauty of Frederick Law Olmsted’s design philosophy and technique. After this tour, Cherokee Park will never seem the same!

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Free Walking Tour in Cherokee Park: A City Park for All

🕤: Wednesday, 8/21 & Saturday, 8/24 | 9:30 AM


As a city park, Cherokee has been shaped by several influences: generous residents who have donated special gifts, storms that have wreaked havoc in its woodlands, and the interests and desires of the many diverse people who visit this beautiful space. Hear the back stories behind familiar park features like the “Teepee” and Enid Yandell’s Daniel Boone statue and Hogan Fountain…and find out what might have been if certain people in the past had their way.

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Free Walking tour Cherokee Park: Encountering Nature

🕤: Wednesday, 8/28 & Saturday, 8/31 | 9:30 AM


The park’s infrastructure relies upon nine bridges and several types of walking paths and trails. On this tour, learn the unique history of four of Cherokee Park’s bridges as you walk along Loop Road, before venturing onto paths that allow you to enjoy the park’s natural beauty more intimately.

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Free Walking Tour in Cherokee Park: A Creek Runs Through It

🕤: Wednesday, 9/4 & Saturday, 9/7 | 9:30 AM

📍 Meeting Location: Gaulbert Pavilion at Big Rock area of Cherokee Park

As soon as Frederick Law Olmsted saw Beargrass Creek winding its ways around the hills of Cherokee Park, he was convinced that this would become one of America’s most beautiful city parks (and he was not wrong!). On this tour, learn about our creek, its history, its relationship to people and its unique needs.

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Fred Facts
Olmsted believed in the power of parks to elevate humankind.

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