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Parks and greenways can mitigate air pollution and increased temperatures. Mature tree canopies can reduce air temperature five to ten degrees, helping to counteract the urban heat effect.

Keep My Swings Swinging!

playground 2

Dear Friends of the Park,

 WEEEE!…I love to have children on my playground. Playgrounds provide children a place to enjoy their childhood, a place where they can run free, jump, climb, and reach for the sky as they swing on my swings.

Life is good for the most part, but there is something urgent I need to tell you. It’s not all giggles and games in the Parks. It takes a lot of hard work to keep my swings swinging and I’m here to tell you: The Frederick Law Olmsted Parks need your help!

It takes a huge amount of time, talent and money to keep our parks beautiful, protected and clean. We are fortunate to have a talented and committed professional staff at Olmsted Parks Conservancy, but what they need is people like you to help support their mission financially.

Keep the Olmsted Parks a place where family and childhood memories are made. Please make a donation today to Olmsted Parks Conservancy to continue efforts to restore, enhance and preserve the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks. Listen to my story:


 Thanks for listening,

Penelope P. Playground