Olmsted Parkways

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Fred's Facts

Frederick Law Olmsted focused most of his attention on Central Park until the Civil War, when he took leave of absence to become general secretary of the United States Sanitary Commission. Forerunner of the American Red Cross.

Algonquin, Cherokee, Eastern, Northwestern, Southern and Southwestern Parkways

Nearly 15 miles of Olmsted-designed parkways connect people throughout the city to our historic parks. Developed over a thirty year period, the green parkway corridors were meant to provide pleasurable driving experiences as one traveled throughout the city. Originally designed to link the flagship parks, the six parkways today serve as main thoroughfares. Their character is defined by the width of right-of-ways and the spatial organization of the trees, sidewalks and drives that flank them.

Louisvilleā€™s park and parkway system is one of only four completed parkways in the country and the last of the systems that Olmsted designed. The other completed systems are in Buffalo, Rochester and Boston.

Master Plans

Olmsted Parkways Master Plan

Olmsted Parks & Parkways Master Plan