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Parks and greenways can mitigate air pollution and increased temperatures. Mature tree canopies can reduce air temperature five to ten degrees, helping to counteract the urban heat effect.

Member of the Month

Meet our Member and volunteer of the Month: Mary Brady

Mary in Bingham Park

My interest in volunteering in Bingham Park, in the Clifton neighborhood, began about 5 years ago when some of the residents on Coral Avenue began asking for volunteers to help with removing invasive plants and improving Bingham Park.  I would walk through Bingham Park and it was so overgrown with invasive vines that they were killing trees so I started volunteering. Bingham Park had been long neglected and it has been great seeing it slowly return to its more original state.  It has been a positive experience and I have enjoyed meeting other volunteers who share the same goals.  I support Olmsted Parks Conservancy because I think it is so important to have a good park system and green space for people to enjoy. Keeping up the Olmsted Parks and replanting requires funding and that is why I support the Conservancy.  With so much building and development, we need green space more than ever.