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Trees for Boone Square

May 06, 2015

Thanks to the efforts of Tyler Park Neighborhood Association and a grant from MSD Reforestation program, Boone Square has new trees.

It all started because the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced the necessary removal of 10 trees in order to protect the structural integrity of the bridge intersecting Tyler Park. Not only did Tyler Park Neighborhood Association decided to plant 10 new trees in Tyler Park to make up for the loss, but they wanted to plant a second set of trees in another neighborhood in need of improving their tree canopy. The second set of trees was planned for Boone Square, located in the Portland neighborhood.

Remove one, replace with two. That’s the attitude Tyler Park Neighborhood Association has when it comes to trees. If one tree has to be removed, then replant two. Thank you for TPNA for their efforts and our crew for planting the trees.

Click Here to see the trees planted in Tyler Park.